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This is dedicated to a senior at High School of the Future. Karon Banks-Bailey has been working extremely hard on his college applications for weeks with his CCA, Marylissa Barbosa. His dream school is Delaware State University, and even though he hasn’t heard anything from them yet, he is still hopeful for that acceptance letter. He has already been accepted into two schools here in Pennsylvania: East Stroudsburg University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. These may not be his dream schools, but he is one of few seniors who has already been accepted into two schools! Karon has also successfully completed his FAFSA, which made him eligible to receive a free Chipotle burrito during our FAFSA Fiesta, which was held right before the Thanksgiving Break. This was an incentive for seniors to complete their FAFSAs soon after it opened in October.

I don’t think I can highlight enough how hard he has been working- not just on his college application process, but his senior project as well. Karon takes his studies very seriously and it shows. He takes the time to stay after school, and spends his lunch periods in the Promise Corps room focusing on his studies. It is encouraging to see a student with such a great work ethic.

Once he is off to college, we can only hope that he continues putting his studies first, and stays true to his unique personality! Karon wants to major in Mass Communication with hopes of becoming a Radio Personality. He eventually wants to be on his own TV show, and with his vibrant personality, that is very possible! We are very proud of Karon here at School of the Future, and we are anxiously waiting until he gets his acceptance for his dream school Delaware State University!

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– Shaquana Gantt, College and Career Ambassador at School of the Future

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  1. Go Karon, congratulations and keep it going. I’m very proud of you!

  2. Congrats Karon, keep reaching for the stars as you are one. Del State will be privileged and honored to have such a great students accepted.

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