College Visit Season at Sayre

On November 8th, the Sayre Promise Corps Team took 21 students to La Salle University to initiate our college tour season. We were accompanied by our juniors and seniors, riding the Septa trains to our destination. What an adventure it was to fit 26 people on the train and make sure that we all stayed together at the free interchange! While at La Salle, we were informed of the programs they offer and were guided through the campus, allowing the students to picture themselves at the university. We visited the library and saw a couple of typical classrooms that students would have classes in. After the tour, the undergraduate admissions officer reviewed important information about the application process and requirements to apply.

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The following week, the Sayre, Overbrook, Future, and West Philadelphia Promise Corps teams brought 80 students to Swarthmore College. This may have been the second college trip we’ve had, but it is no doubt going to be a solid contender for the title of “most beautiful campus” and “best liberal arts college” the students will visit this year… Did I mention I went to Swarthmore?


“What a magical place!” was the sentiment that many students may have felt while walking through the autumn leaves and lush greenery of Swarthmore’s campus. Beauty isn’t the only thing that captivated the students. As the tour guides weaved through the campus, they brought students through the Performing Arts Center, which houses a plethora of dance classes offered by Swarthmore College, such as ballet, modern/contemporary dance, African, salsa, and much more. As you might imagine, Swarthmore captivated a number of students interested in dance majors or minors.

Nevertheless, there remained more to stir the appetites of students hungry for new experiences and knowledge. After we went to the Performing Arts Center, the tour guides led students through the Science Center, showing them the small, seminar-style classes where college students can dive into deep conversations about their subjects. Throughout the tour, students saw that the depth of Swarthmore was not constrained solely to the classroom, but extended to the libraries, dining halls, and quirky dormitories where academics, social activities, and pursuits for meaning are interwoven.

By the end of the tour, students learned that Swarthmore’s high standards extend beyond just the beautiful campus to the academics and expectation that students develop their unique selves to the fullest extent. With that said, Swarthmore has left some students astounded and has earned its spot on their list of colleges to apply to.

sayre3– Richard Vu, College and Career Ambassador at Sayre High School

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