Student Spotlight: Sayre

An Interview With a Sayre Student: Misha

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Q: Misha, how did you feel beginning your year at William Sayre High School?

“Nervous and Excited.” It is her senior year and she is super excited to complete this year and graduate in the Spring. The work threw her off – she knew that Senior year was important, but all of the school work, plus Senior Project and affording dues, and Prom that wraps up Senior Year – it just didn’t seem as much to her when she was “looking in from the outside.”

Q: How do you typically approach your work?

Misha used to procrastinate most of the time, and it had typically worked for her. However, when she saw how big the Senior Project was, she knew she was going to have to make a change. She typically would focus on completing her work a couple days in advance, or trying to write papers the day before they were due, but she realized that her technique was not going to fly for the Senior Project.

Q: What does your day typically look like?

Misha has school every day but is able to leave early because she’s earned enough credits. Once her school day is over she finds a seat in the Promise Corps room to keep up on the school work she has, in addition to Senior Project other essays that were assigned by her English teacher. After she leaves school, she works as a receptionist at The Beauty Lounge, which is a hair salon.

Her social life? Well she doesn’t feel like she has one right now, but she knows once she gets past all of this school work, life will become a little more relaxed again.

Q: What are your plans for after high school and how are you achieving them?

After high school, Misha plans to attend Beauty School to learn how to become a hairstylist. At home, she works on her head models to practice different techniques and tries to come in to school looking the part, so her hair is always done. This year has helped her to realize that procrastination makes life harder and becoming better with time management was definitely a skill she needed to gain.

– Haley Snyder, College & Career Ambassador at Sayre High School

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