Member Spotlight: Patrick Ambrosio

Just a few days ago, Francis, Naeem, and I began our week at the Promise corps HQ, finishing up our orientation.  Once we finished the orientation, our new teams welcomed us. Francis joined the School of the Future team, and Naeem and I were welcomed to the West Philadelphia High School team.  We then broke up into our teams, went to lunch (our team had a great team bonding lunch at Chili’s), and then hopped on the train back to West Philadelphia.

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Our first stop, however, was Paul Robeson High School.  We met with Dr. Edwards, who works at the school, to discuss starting an after school program and presenting college and career readiness workshops.  We all jumped at the idea – it will give us a chance to help a neighboring school, have a change of scenery, and we can practice our workshops in a new environment. We can combine our experiences in both schools to become stronger college and career ambassadors.  (I, as a Rutgers alumni, also think it would be really cool to work at Paul Robeson High because he is a legendary Rutgers graduate.)

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Afterwards, Naeem and I made it to our new home on the third floor of West.  This week is Keystone testing week, so it’s an unusual week at the school.  The students are in testing until eleven, and then on a shortened academic schedule afterwards.  The first day, we only met a few students because by the time we made it back to school, they were being dismissed.  Camila gave Naeem and me a tour of the school, introduced us to some of the teachers, and had us participate in our hazing ritual: heisting a swivel chair with wheels from the second floor.

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The next day, my first full day, went smoothly.  I met a bunch of the Promise Corps room “regulars,” saw the daily routine, and got to sit in on Mr. Gross’s Algebra class, helping some of the students with their work.  All in all, I’m very excited to start my service, and get my caseload.  Naeem and I are grateful for how we were welcomed into the West Philadelphia High School family, and are enthusiastic for the road ahead of us!

– Patrick Ambrosio, College & Career Ambassador at West Philadelphia High School

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