Member Spotlight: Destiny Gadson

Sometimes a flower grows when no one’s watching.

Sometimes a bird sings and no one hears.

There’s a meadow no one runs on and a cloud no one names.

And what would the sky be without the sun?

What would the earth be without its rose?

They’d still be the sky and the Earth.

So perhaps there is a peace in becoming.

Perhaps the meaning is in the experience and not the sight.

Maybe a flower grows because it suffocates underground.

Whether or not she is always noticed, beauty must become.

She doesn’t look for an eye.

She doesn’t listen for a voice.

She just becomes,

For Freedom Not For Beauty.

-Chrisette Michele

It is our pleasure to highlight one of our CCAs, Destiny Gadson, for fostering a girls’ mentoring program at Overbrook High School. The program was given the name S.I.S., which stands for supporting individual success. Destiny really wanted to give the girls the space and opportunity to dream, find their passions, and learn what kind of person they want to become. S.I.S. aims to support youth in the development and mastery of self.

Through tailored programming, S.I.S. offers unique resources and tools that help youth build self-confidence, self-determination, and encourage resiliency as they work towards achieving their own personal goals. All in all, S.I.S. is prepared to “meet youth where they are.” Research supports that mentoring and coaching are some of the most effective ways to reach youth today. S.I.S. plans to help empower, support, and guide the youth at Overbook High School in directions that support their overall development. This will be accomplished by holding workshops twice a month for the youth to learn the importance of networking, self-love, and setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. In efforts to plan programming based on youth needs, S.I.S. will hold “Talk Back” Sessions to gauge what programming the students would like to participate in. That valuable information will help S.I.S. create a comprehensive list of programs that will support all members.

December 7th was the launch of S.I.S. at Overbrook High School. The room was filled with some familiar faces and a few new, shy faces. Destiny made everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. The event started with a fun and active ice breaker to get everyone involved. Next, the vision and purpose of the program was introduced to all the young, eager faces. Destiny explained to the girls her life story and why she’s passionate to give back to the community. To conclude the event, Destiny asked all the girls to write what they want from the program. This was to make sure she gives the girls what programming they are looking for. We would like to applaud her for work as a College and Career Ambassador.

destiny g headshot

– Destiny Gadson, College & Career Ambassador, Overbrook High School


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