Student Spotlight: Overbrook

Lansana Kromah is an 11th grade student at Overbrook High School. He is a dedicated student and member of the track and field team. His work ethic and determination show in everything he does. Lance is one of the students that takes his studies seriously, even setting up a meeting with a teacher to discuss why he got a 97% instead of 100% when he got all the questions right. The grade was an “A” either way, but he refused to settle and wanted to get the grade he deserved.

Lance dreams and hopes to go to Villanova University and study engineering. With this clear goal set in the future, he continues to make strides every day to achieve that goal. In the Promise Corps room you can see him getting extra help with assignments and projects, and preparing for the college process (researching schools, internships for the summer, FAFSA, and SAT and ACT requirements).

In December Lance was admitted to the VESTED program, an engineering program held at Villanova University where students can get hands on experience into the field. Recently he applied and was also accepted to the NovaEdge Diversity in Engineering program for the summer! This program is a one-week, on campus program to introduce a diverse population of students from different ethnic and social backgrounds to the traditional fields of engineering.

His determination and commitment to do better in everything he does, is what made Lance stand out from the beginning. I believe it is what will continue to set him apart in the future. I’m confident that Lance will continue to achieve anything he sets his mind to. CCA’s at Overbrook and I are so excited to see what his future holds.


– Yaczin Hernandez, College & Career Ambassador at Overbrook High School

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