Black History Month at Future

This blog is dedicated to School of the Future. To celebrate Black History Month, the school has scheduled a Black History Month program. The program will take place February 28th, 2018. There will performances from students, and educators. Some performances taking place are spoken word, singing, dancing, and stepping. The learners and educators here at Future have been working extremely hard for this upcoming program, and everyone is excited to see the performances.

Along with the program, teachers have tailored their lesson plans to incorporate Black History which has been gaining the interest of majority of the students. One English class watched the documentary on the radical group MOVE, which is based in West Philadelphia. In another class a teacher has incorporated “Who am I” as a warm up activity. The “Who am I” is pertaining to historical black figures that have contributed to Black history.

City Year and Promise Corps also teamed up and came up with ideas and activities for the month. There have been math riddles from famous historical and current Black figures. Movies have been shown, the first being Selma, and we will round out the month with Hidden Figures.

Two CCAs that I would like to shout out are Marylissa and Sophie. They have been working closely with Mrs. Macgilberry, an educator who was in charge with the planning of the program. During the learners’ lunch periods, Marylissa and Sophie would gather those who are performing for meetings and check-ins. Marylissa has sat in on the auditions, she has critiqued their performances, and supported Mrs. Macgilberry with this entire process, and the show was planned in a little under two weeks!

We are all positive that this show will be a success and everyone will enjoy it!

– Shaquana Gantt, College & Career Ambassador at School of the Future

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