February Fun at Sayre

The Sayre Promise Corps Team hosted two major events during this fantastic month. This month was not only full of Little Known Black History Facts, but we also had a FAFSA/PHEAA presentation and college trip to Delaware State University (DSU). As a team, we made sure our events intertwined two key elements. One being entertainment and the second being education. We definitely nailed these events and our students benefited greatly from these experiences.

Ron Felder, the witty and charismatic PHEAA representative, came to talk to our students about financial responsibility, risks, and most importantly competency. The students were engaged with the presentation and receptive to the material being given. Felder’s playful banter and accurate responses was just the approach we needed when delivering this information to our students. This event was not only crucial to the education of our students, but it became a metaphorical caution sign. The caution being spend your money wisely and not becoming victim to irresponsibility when using student loans. With the vast majority of our students receiving this knowledge, we believe our students will use these pearls of wisdom to their best advantage.

A potential place our students can use these pearls of wisdom would have to be Delaware State University, an HBCU, which welcomed our students with open arms. The DSU trip was an overall eye opening experience for the students. They were granted the opportunity to see the campus, especially the famous dormitories. Delaware State University was our first ever HBCU college visit this year. We are glad our students had the opportunity to see a university where majority of the student population is African American, and had the same mindset to acquire higher education like our students. To conclude our experience at DSU, the students participated in an engaging scavenger hunt. This caused many students to have a greater appreciation for the university.

February was full of fun at Sayre High School, and our students’ spirits were enhanced and uplifted. We are glad to service our students and encourage them to be the change.

– Tyshae Hightower, College & Career Ambassador at Sayre High School

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