Student Spotlights from Sayre


On March 14, a medium-sized group of 10-12th graders and the Sayre team visited the alma mater of our very own CCA Tyshae Hightower, Temple University. There, the students went on a tour through the Tunnelman Learning Center, School of Business, and parkway where Temple’s founder stays.


Going to Temple is an opportunity for many of our students to see what their future can look like: of them, we selected two students to introduce to you: Rasheed and Saleemah. For the two of them, the Temple trip was an opportunity to get interested and ask lots of questions, a fruitful endeavour for both of them.

Rasheed, Tenth Grader

Richard (Rich, CCA): What did you go into the Temple Trip expecting and what did you get out of it?”

Rasheed (Sheed): A lot of opportunities and programs. It’s a good school.

Rich: Can you share some of the questions that you asked? What did you like?

Sheed: I asked what kind of programs they had, and they have over a 150 programs, like electronics. The campus is big. They have a lot of programs, libraries, and stuff, anything that will help you out if you need it.

Rich: What did you learn about this experience?

Sheed: It’s a great opportunity because if you need a helping hand, Temple is there. Whatever you need, ask anybody. It’ll teach you good things.

Saleemah, Eleventh Grader

Rich: What did you expect?

Saleemah: I’ve been to Temple. This is my third time. The first time, I came for the basketball game, the women’s basketball game, and it was cool. I got to see how girls play basketball and it was fun. The other times, was like a tour, but I wasn’t expecting a lot because this is not my first time to Temple. This is my first time coming into this building (the business school and student lunch center). When he was telling us about the business and all the different programs, I didn’t get that on the other trips.

Rich: Did you like the tour?

Saleemah: I liked the person giving the tour. He was informational and gave specific details. I liked his advice when he told me I should come here for pre-med. I’m still thinking about that. I might come here for pre-med and go to medical school.

Rich: What are the things you liked about Temple that might push you to go? If you were to tell other students about how to prepare for college trips, what would you tell them to do?

Saleemah: It’s big. You’ll never know. You’ll end up inside the business building and turn around, inside the media part. It’s a whole lot of different things and it’s very interesting. I would tell them to really listen and take in the knowledge that the person is giving them and to ask a whole lot of questions. It’s important to ask questions because they might not think of telling you all that you want to know. The question might [prompt an], “Oh yeah, I didn’t tell them about this, so let me tell them about it.”


– Richard Vu, College & Career Ambassador at Sayre High School



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