A Day in the Life at Future

7:30AM – The day at Future usually starts off with CCA’s checking our emails, working in America Learns, and planning out our day. This usually takes no longer than thirty minutes to an hour. School starts at 7:34, so sometimes we head to a first period class as well.
8:30AM – Every day, students have an advisory that lasts about 10 minutes. This is the time important information gets out to students. Our caseloads are grouped by advisory, so it’s a great time to get to all of them at once. CCA’s make their way to their designated advisories to deliver essential information to their students about upcoming Promise Corps events. It’s also a chance for CCA’s to speak with students that they may find hard to locate during the school day.
8:40AM – By third period most CCA’s are in classes with their learners. Marylissa, who works with 11th and 12th grade learners, usually goes down to the senior English class to help with senior project. All seniors must complete their capstone senior project in order to graduate. They complete a research paper, conduct field work, and present on their chosen issue to a panel near the end of the school year.
Francis, who works with the 10th grade learners is usually in one of the 10th grade classes, like Algebra 2. I (Shaquana), work with 10th and 11th graders and am usually in an 11th grade English class working with students on their various assignments. Most recently we worked on a resume workshop!
10:41AM – Once the students’ lunch periods roll around (5th and 6th periods), we make our way down to the student support center, which is a huge space for students to come and work in. This is where CCA’s are most utilized. Students come in for support with academics and post-secondary plans. Students also come in for support for SATs. Doron, who works with 10th and 11th grade learners, is also the SAT coordinator. He’s been doing a great job of ramping up support for the juniors, who are preparing to take the SATs for the first time. Joelle and Sophie, who both work with seniors, are usually helping with college support or senior project support.
12:40PM – I usually grab a quick lunch before heading to another class. For the final two periods of the day, CCA’s are either back in classes with students or they’re in the Promise Corps room working one on one or in small groups with students. Since, most students and even teachers prefer to have CCA’s in the classroom, we’re usually in the classrooms more than the Promise Corps room.
2:34PM – The final bell rings. After school is when most seniors will come in for support with their senior projects. They will usually stay until 4:30pm, when the day ends for CCA’s. However, there are cases when students need to stay longer to get whatever it is they are working on done, and we are more than glad to stay late and help.


– Shaquana Gantt, College & Career Ambassador at School of the Future


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