Fun at the West Philly Fall Fest!

On Saturday October 20th, two of Sayre’s College and Career Ambassadors  participated in a community event called the West Philadelphia Fall Fest, held at the Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships. The event took place outside on a beautiful fall morning, from 10am- 2pm, and started off with a performance from the jamming West Powelton/76ixers Drumline. As the day went on, kids engaged in a variety of fun activities, including a face-painting station inside the community center, multiple bouncy houses in which to jump around, and several booths that offered information about their community.


fall fest one.jpg

Two College and Career Ambassadors from Sayre High School, Anna and Shakeira, staffed the Promise Corps table, where they engaged participants with exciting trivia questions related to college and career readiness. People came up to the table to find out about Promise Corps programming, win some prizes, learn more about college and career readiness, and inquire about local employment opportunities. The CCAs were also able to include themselves in the Fall Fest and win some prizes of their own.


fall fest two.jpg


There was a variety of other tables at the fest as well. To the left of Promise Corps table was the Promise Zone table. At their table, they had a fun photo backdrop where you were asked to write what Promise Zone looks like to you and what it means as well. Promise Corps was able to get a few fun pictures taken by them. There was another table to the right of Promise Corps, where attendees of the fest were able to find out how much sugar is in their drink. They had samples of water, vitamin water, gatorade, Day’s soda, and Monster energy drink. As neighbors and kids came up, they distributed plastic cups that changed colors from the temperature and gift bags filled with goodies.

fall fest three.jpg


West Philadelphia Fall Fest was an amazing turn out and Promise Corps hopes to participate again next year!

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