Girl Talk: Mentoring Group at School of the Future

The School of the Future CCAs have started a mentoring group targeted specifically for girls. Since three women make up the team of CCAs at Future, we saw it as an opportunity to act as role models to the girls in the high school. Every Wednesday after school, a group of students meets in the Promise Corps room to talk about issues that are relevant in their lives. The senior girls involved in Promise Corps were so excited when the idea was pitched to them that they decided to bring ninth and tenth grade girls to give them all a safe place to ask questions and talk about important topics. We decided to name the group “Girl Talk” to make it more appealing to the students. One student abbreviated the group to “GT” and was overheard telling all of her friends to come and attend the group each Wednesday.




Each week, a different topic is rolled out to the girls and we have videos to show them and allow them to ask questions related to the topic. Some example topics include body image and healthy relationships. The girls are also able to anonymously ask questions by writing them down and putting them in our question box. We have been recruiting more girls to come and encourage them to seek us out not only on Wednesday afternoons, but anytime that they need guidance. We believe that it is important to give these students an opportunity to gather with their peers as well as CCAs to help them with things all girls struggle with and let them know they always have people they can talk to.



Our hope is to have girls talk about issues they have been dealing with in their lives, or that they will deal with in order to encourage them to manage their lives in a healthy manner to protect themselves and their friends.


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