FAFSA Completion Event at OHS

OHS team members Jessie and Rodney kicked off college readiness with a FAFSA completion event on Tuesday, November 20th. Seniors were pulled from their art history classes to the Promise Corps room to complete Naviance tasks, learn about financial aid, and complete their FAFSA applications. Upon entering the Promise Corps room, students were directed to grab a computer and log onto their student portals. First task of the day: log onto Naviance! Students completed the “Being Career Ready” and “Completing the FAFSA” tasks, where they explored career interests and learned about the financial aid application process.

After completing the Naviance tasks, seniors were then presented additional information on financial aid, such as some financial aid basics, types of financial aid available, funding sources, and how to apply for financial aid. Following the presentation, students received guidance in making their FSA ID’s and completing their FAFSA applications. In order to help increase the school’s FAFSA completion, the OHS team worked diligently with the seniors during this time, answering any questions about the financial aid process and ensuring students had ample time to complete their applications.




Additionally, the OHS team used this time with their seniors to do some college prep. Seniors learned about the thesis statement and how to incorporate one into a research paper. We provided our students with several examples of thesis statements and walked students’ through thesis development. Lastly, students were counseled on writing the personal statement for their college applications. Students learned what a personal statement is and were given numerous examples of topics for personal statements. We encouraged our students to think of a personal statement as a picture of who they are rather than an academic essay; we want our students to enjoy writing about themselves rather than thinking of it as another item they need to check off their “to-do list”.




After a long day of Naviance tasks, FAFSA completion, and college readiness, we invited our students to come back to the Promise Corps room after-school to play a Jeopardy game reviewing all of the information from the day, and we even provided some tasty sandwiches from Jimmy John’s and Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

Up next for the Overbrook High School team is a trip to Harcum College in Bryn Mawr on Tuesday, December 18th. Yay college trips!!

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