Team Spotlight: FAFSA Family Night at Sayre High

On Thursday, December 13, the Sayre team partnered with the Netter Center and put together a FAFSA Family Night. Our goal was to get students and parents to come in and complete the FAFSA application for our high school seniors. Sayre’s Promise Corps and the Netter Center put together an amazing dinner menu for families to come in and eat while they worked on the applications.

sayre fafsa 3


There was pasta, salad, and even Chipotle burritos. The Promise Corps team at Sayre received special assistance from CCA’s at our other sites: Rodney from Overbrook and Drew from West. With their help, we were able to provide all of the parents and guardians in attendance with 1:1 support, and left no parents waiting to be helped. The Sayre team would like to give a BIG thank you for their help and support. Considering the event was only for two hours, and that families had to come from all over the city, we had an amazing turnout of 9 parents and 4 students who started the FAFSA application.

sayre fafsa 2


Out of those 9 applications, 4 of them were fully completed. We had some complications with certain applications, but by collaborating with all of the FAFSA coaches in the room, we were able to figure out solutions to unanticipated problems. On a positive note, we now have the tools and knowledge to assist students in the future who come across these particular problems. Ultimately, we were able to push through and reach our goal of successfully assisting families in completing the FAFSA.


sayre fafsa 1

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