A Trip to UPenn!

On Friday, January 25th, the Promise Corps team at High School of the Future attended a trip led by Upward Bound in collaboration with the chemistry department at SOF. Along with Promise Corps, Upward Bound, and the eleventh grade chemistry teacher, twenty-five students left school after first period and embarked for The University of Pennsylvania campus. While on campus, students were able to observe the regular goings on, interact with undergraduates and catch a small glimpse into college life. While on campus, students were able to listen to a researcher from Johnson and Johnson talk about cancer research, who encouraged the students to look into and pursue a degree in a STEM field where they would be able to conduct research and eventually obtain a job in research.


The students were able and encouraged to ask questions about what research jobs look like and how to get into research while attending college. Shaquana from the Promise Corps team at School of the Future said “It was really fun to see the students interact with the cancer research team at Johnson and Johnson and Penn. They all seemed genuinely interested and it definitely encouraged many of them to look into research opportunities while applying to college. The researchers also helped them understand how to reach out the the research departments once they arrive on the campus of the school they will be attending.”



Overall, the students really enjoyed the trip and will continue to go to the university once a month to keep the conversation going with them about STEM and research. Huge thanks to Upward Bound for inviting the team at School of the Future to attend this field trip and for allowing the students to get a look into college life!

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