Member Spotlight – Sayre Team

In the beginning of the 2018-2019 Promise Corps year, we started off with 8 College and Career Ambassadors in our cohort. As the year continued, we have held 3 recruitment efforts to expand our cohort in order to serve even more students in West Philadelphia high schools. 

Cohort after 2 rounds of recruitment

Here at Sayre High School, we were able to gain an amazing new addition to our team from the final round of recruitment. Adedoyin Eisape, also known as “DeeDee,” joined the team in January and will serve with us until the end of the school year. DeeDee is from New Jersey, and has also lived in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Before DeeDee came to Promise Corps, she received her B.S. degree in Biology at Haverford College. While at Haverford, she participated in the Student Council as an Officer of Multiculturalism, was a member of the Black Student League and Mixed Identity Alliance, played on the Ultimate Frisbee team, and even participated in the Mentoring and Student Teaching Program. As you can see, DeeDee was extremely busy in college, and comes to Promise Corps with a lot of experiences that make her a great fit to support Sayre students.  After Promise Corps, she would like to go to graduate school and study Epidemiology, which is the study of the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health.

Dee Dee has decided to serve with Promise Corps this year because she wants to contribute to valuable support systems for youth, and engage with social determinants of health, which will help impact diverse communities. Since DeeDee has started at Sayre, she has stepped up to help take lead with the after school program called Girls Who Code, and she has had no trouble getting to know her students. 

Dee Dee has been welcomed by the Sayre team with open arms and will continue to uphold the Promise Corps values in all that she does!

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