Senior Project Fair

On February 28th, seniors at High School of the Future presented their senior projects to teachers, staff, and other students. The seniors have been working on research papers since November and they finally got a chance to showcase their work. The topics ranged from gun violence and crime in Philadelphia to body image and eating disorders, as well as many others. The students were able to make a poster to present their work or present from PowerPoint slides. Each presentation was very unique and clearly demonstrated all of the hard work that students put in this year. The CCAs at Future had a great time listening to the projects and giving feedback to each senior.

Pictured above are two seniors who gave presentations on gun violence rates in Philadelphia. Both students incorporated racial profiling and police brutality into their presentations and gave statistics and examples that they found throughout their time doing research.

senior project 1

Posing in front of her poster board, this senior presented on body image and researched how social media is correlated with poor body confidence in teenagers. We were so proud of all of the hard work that students put in this year!!

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