Team Fun Day!

On Tuesday, May 14th the Promise Corps Leadership team (Bethany, Marylissa and Alex) organized a fun day at Arnold’s Family Fun Center, to celebrate the end of the school year and the completion of our service years. Two of our members were actually completing their term of service the next day, so it was a nice way to end out the year as a complete team. After meeting at our office and kicking off the day with a rousing game of Musical Chairs and a Lip Sync battle, we were ready to get on the bus to head to Arnold’s.

Once setting us all up in our own private room – stocked with a theater sized projector, speakers and unlimited soft drinks – Bethany, Marylissa and Alex distributed Promise Corps Yearbooks for us to peruse. There were tons of great pictures from events, school service and Professional Development days that occurred this year, as well as spaces for everyone to comment and write nice things. We had a short reflection on the year and were given the opportunity to write notes to each other. Before lunch, there was also a small awards ceremony! Several members were presented awards for their commitment to service, for reaching their goal of 80% of caseload students finishing the Promise Corps program, and for embodying the Promise Corps values.


After a delicious lunch we were off to enjoy Arnold’s! We competed in a game of laser tag and raced go karts as our first activities. We then were given points to spend in order to play arcade games together. Highlights included air hockey, skee ball, racing games and a very frustrating claw game offering Beats Headphones that is almost guaranteed to fail.


Since our year of service is coming to a close, it was the perfect last day to spend together! Thanks to the entire team for a great year!

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