Welcome Kia!

Each summer Promise Corps is lucky to have an intern join the team to help with summer planning! The intern is tasked with projects that will help with give us strong start to the next school year. This summer we are pleased to welcome Kia! Read a little about Kia below:

My name is Kia Kapri Nwadiora, you can call me Kia. I from Delaware County, PA and live in Philadelphia. I am currently in school at Temple University working on a degree in Social Work. While in college I support the Queer Student Union, Black Student Union, and the National Social Work Honors Society. My favorite subjects in high school were Math and Sociology. I am passionate about helping youth, for they are the future. After I graduate with my Masters of Social Work I plan to get a job within Philly’s government.  Something interesting about me is that I like to make clothes. My hobbies include; eating, dancing, reading, and thrift shopping!

A quote I live by is: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” -Gandhi

My favorite book I’ve ever read is: Becoming by Michelle Obama


Kia decided to join Promise Corps because she hopes to focus her career with her MSW targeted to education and community development! The Promise Corps Leadership team is excited to welcome and begin the amazing summer work.


-Marylissa Barbosa, Site Supervisor


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