Summer 2019 Internship!

What are we doing over the summer you ask? Well…… we are hosting students! Why? Keep reading and find out!

On July 15th Promise Corps welcomed 23 students to our main office to begin their internship opportunity! Students were placed in all different work sites from camp counselors to city offices! These young men and women have also been participating in professional development on Fridays with us! They are lead by Lynne who is our new part time staff member! Our youth came in ready to learn and MAKE MONEY! giphy

At the end of each professional development day the students are asked to reflect on the last few hours and share on what they have learned. Here are some amazing answers we got!

To make sure to have good sleep habits   

Don’t quit

Do things that are unexpected at work

Arrive 15 minutes early

Early is on time

Don’t quit your job on the spot

Manage your time well

It’s nice to have a respectful boss

Use your time wisely 

Lynne leading our youth in professional development.


How amazing are those responses?! These young men and women are growing professionally every day and will be taking this knowledge and applying it to school this year! In the last professional developments they have hit topics such as, how to dress in the workplace, how to stay strong in tough times, practicing eye contact and handshakes. 

They have 4 more great weeks of their internship and professional development. They will be hearing from guest speakers, they have a final presentation they will be working on and presenting to a group of adults and many more professional opportunities ahead of them! 

Be on the lookout for these young professionals in your candidate pool very soon! 



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