One Month in Schools. What Has Happened?!

October 3rd marked one month of our coaches in their school sites! They have already done so much with the students it is just amazing.

Teams have almost completely established their caseloads of students and begun having their first one on one meetings. There has been so many events in only this first month and oh, so much planned. Coaches have had multiple partner meetings, had guest speakers and have all tabled at back to school nights and community days! Yes, this is all only in the first month!

Events members have been a part of include: back to school nights, old school vs. new school pep rally, parent open houses, FAFSA kick off, financial aid presentations, a meet and greet with coaches and SAT prep lunch sessions!


All that in the last month and teams are in the process of planning trips with their students! They are on a roll with starting off the year as strong as possible. Teams will be taking students to Lincoln University, Delaware State University, Shippensburg University and many more before the end of this calendar year!

Be on the look out for blog postings on our college and career trips and events!

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