SAT’s Here We Come!

   The School District Wide PSAT/SAT date is soon approaching, and the Sayre team is getting the ball rolling with SAT Prep Initiatives! Studying test taking skills is critical in the formula of obtaining a good score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (the full name for SAT). One thing that this team understands is that it’s not just about knowing the concepts that will be on the test, but developing skills that will help our students learn HOW to take the test. Strategies like speed reading, mental math development, understanding word parts, and process of elimination are all great concepts that help students do well on the exam.


For schools like Sayre, access to SAT Prep outside of school are few and far between, and the Promise Corps Team at Sayre High School is making an effort to bridge that gap! Since the end of September, the College and Career Coaches (CCCs) at Sayre have been engaging their students in the cafeteria during their lunch hour with SAT Prep games. These games include, SAT word hangman, mental math relays, word part definition matching, and first in math styled games. The goal of these activities is to engage students in a way that is fun and informative. Each game highlights a concept that the students will be faced with come test time. The game’s layout and rules are set to help students warm up those skills that they will need to use for the test.

On the days that they are not in the lunchroom, the CCC’s at Sayre also offer for students to come in during their lunch period for SAT Prep sessions. Activities include taking practice tests in sections that the students need the most help in, breaking down the types of questions they will see, and giving tips on how to best handle answering difficult questions. The team hopes that with these efforts, they can make an impact on the turn out and preparedness of our Sayre students come test day!

SAT ayre
Pictured above are two of our team members getting ready to head to the lunch room for a game of First to 24! 


 Ciera M. Osborne – College and Career Coach at Sayre High School


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