Member Spotlight: Colin Cunningham

pasted image 0My name is Colin Cunningham, I grew up in Connecticut and am currently doing my service year with the West Philadelphia Promise Corps. I graduated from Muhlenberg College in the spring with a degree in Political Science. I decided I wanted to do a service year during my final semester in college due to my studies. After reading about the systematic barriers that urban students face on a day to day basis I began looking for ways I could help. So I began looking for service programs in the area of education, because my father and grandfather are career educators. The Promise Corps mission best aligned with what I was looking for. Helping students discover their post-secondary options, allows me to help them bypass some of these systematic barriers that keep them from pursuing their life goals. In my time so far at Overbrook High School, more affectionately called “The Castle on the Hill,” I have learned so much. Not only have I been able to see great progress with my students learning ability and the change of mindset that comes with academic success, but I have grown myself. I have learned how to be persistent, present and most importantly humble. I hope to continue serving the Overbrook family in every capacity I can, and look forward to the rest of my service year.

Mr. Cunningham is one of the three college and career coaches here at Overbrook. Mr. Cunningham goes above and beyond for his students and his team. Mr. Cunningham always puts his students first. Keep up the great work Mr. Cunningham. We see you !

-Miranda White, College and Career Coach at Overbrook High School

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