First Half of the Year Summary at Sayre

Life at Sayre High School is a mixed bag of great success and major test and trials. Nonetheless, the Promise Corps team at Sayre has accomplished some awesome things that we would like to share!

Outside of our one on one meetings, we have the ability to shadow the classes of our students at Sayre. The students’ schedules are split into A and B days, in which they switch classes between these days. This also means that we as College and Career Coaches have the opportunity to shadow a total of four different classes a week! This allows us to observe a variety of classes and engage more students. We as coaches do a multiplicity of things while we shadow classes depending on the teacher and how much involvement they need from us. In my English classes that I shadow, I typically assist with helping the students speak up in class, ask them questions about the content they are learning, and support them in any projects they are working on. However, my role and dynamic are different in the science classes that I shadow, where I do more assistance in helping students understand and work through the scientific content they learn.

Some of the other tasks we regularly work on is FAFSA completion and SAT Prep. Our PC team member Kyisha is our FAFSA Specialist here at Sayre. She is a beast at hunting down students and making sure that their FSA ID and FAFSA applications are completed. Unfortunately, many of our students have a difficult time getting their FAFSA completed for one reason or another, however, Kyisha diligently checks in on these students to make sure that progress is being made. During our first half of the year with Sayre, we’ve also assisted with FAFSA Pop-ups where many of our students came down to the PC Room at one time in order to get their FAFSA applications completed.

PC team member Nahdira is our SAT Specialist here at Sayre. She does an awesome job at finding and creating resources for our students to use in order to do their best during the upcoming SAT and ACT tests. When it comes to Standardized Tests, many of us know that preparation is key, however, the type of preparation needed for students to excel in these tests aren’t as easily available to most of our students. We try to combat this by having SAT Prep sessions with our students who are preparing to take the test. We’ve done this in the form of  SAT game sessions in the cafeteria and more comprehensive after-school SAT sessions that focus on testing topics that students need the most help in.

As for trips, we’ve had the pleasure of planning and taking our students on two college visits to Lincoln University and Shippensburg University. Our students were able to tour the campus, learn about the academic and extracurricular offerings of the universities, and talk with some of the students and faculty of each university.

Overall, despite some setbacks that our Sayre PC Team has experienced, the team has done a great job at working past them in order to accomplish some great things!


Ciera M. Osborne, College and Career Coach, Sayre High School

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