College Visit at Rutgers University

This Tuesday, Promise Corps at West Philadelphia High School travelled to Rutgers University, New Brunswick for our first college visit of the year. We brought a cohort of 23 motivated students whom we work with everyday, and Mr. Barney, who kindly volunteered to be our faculty chaperone. Roland Lucas, our team member and an alumni of Rutgers, organized the entire trip – thank you Roland! 

We started the day at 6:30, shared granola bars and donuts, and boarded the bus. Spirits were high in anticipation of an exciting day.

We arrived late morning at the Visitors Center, where we attended a half hour information session led by an admissions officer. Students were alert and attentive during the session. We  learned valuable information about academic opportunities, student life, and the admissions process at Rutgers. For example, Rutgers has a full-functioning farm on campus – who knew!
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Next was a bus tour led by student tour guides called Scarlet Ambassadors: Christina and Devin. In 90 minutes, we got to see all five of Rutgers campuses: Busch, College Avenue, Cook, Douglass, and Livingston. Besides a beautiful drive, highlights include the football stadium, basketball court, and the swanky engineering buildings. Our Scarlet Ambassadors were great as well – it helped to get insiders’ perspectives and fun anecdotes.

Our final stop was the Yard, a dining spot that is popular among Rutgers students. Lunch was generously sponsored by Surf Tacos – students thoroughly enjoyed the fresh and delicious fajitas the Surf Tacos team prepared for us.

At 12:30pm, we boarded the buses back to West Philadelphia High, exhausted and happy. It had been an eventful morning. Students got the rare opportunity to experience a beautiful college campus, network with Rutgers students and staff, and learn about all that Rutgers has to offer. Many plan to apply to Rutgers come application season.


– Ivy Tse, College and Career Coach 


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