Service in the Name of the Great MLK  

On January 20, 2019, all four Promise Corps teams came together and spent our day off from our sites honoring the name and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. We did this by participating in a day of service with the organization Caring for Friends. This organization, located in the Northeast area of Philadelphia, does a great deal of work to provide meals and snacks to demographics in need all throughout the Philadelphia Area. As a Promise Corps unit, we prepared and packed over 20 boxes of snack bags for people in need around the city. In a few short hours, we helped impact the lives of over 500 people through “sharing food and friendship” as the organization describes on their website.

The joy and reflection of service and love to all resonated well after we finished our morning of service, as our team sat together at lunch to discuss our selected reading of Dear Martin by Nic Stone. The novel follows a young man getting ready to graduate high school, who writes letters to Martin Luther King Jr. to understand and cope with the chaos that follows him as he navigates his senior year. After our discussion, we followed suit by taking a careful look into the life of MLK and enlightened ourselves on just a few of the many amazing things that he accomplished and the of non-violence ideals that the preached before his passing.



Ciera M. Osborne- College and Career Coach at Sayre High School



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