Summer Work Ready!

WorkReady Goes Digital!!

As we discussed in an earlier post, we have been in the planning process to offer incentive-based activities and other digital experiences for our youth to experience from the comfort of their homes!

We are excited to offer digital career exposure, financial literacy and brand identity as well as additional activities in home management. We are calling this series “Adulting 101!” We have learned that there are things that we had to learn on the fly as adults and we are planning activities that will give our participants the tools to succeed, not just in their prospective careers, but in life!

Enrollment is now open and space is limited! To apply for our program, visit For youth, ages 12-13, use the referral code “IN002” and for youth, ages 14-18, use the referral code “WE010.” Once they complete the initial application, they will receive an email with the next steps to complete enrollment!

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