Soon- To- Be Seniors Spotlight

Jahmir Coulter is a soon-to-be senior who has been a Promise Corps regular since his freshman year at West Philadelphia High School! You might be wondering how this happened since Promise Corps starts seeing students their sophomore year but Jahmir took it upon himself to meet Promise Corps staff his freshman year and invest himself fully into everything the Promise Corps program has to offer. Jahmir is a student who focuses on building strong, genuine relationships in his education. Whether this is with his teachers, the administration, or school partners Jahmir makes sure that he not only commits himself to his school work, but also to the people who are a part of his educational journey. 

Jahmir has an innate jovial spirit that is infectious; he always brightens the room that he walks into!  He has a laugh that lights up others and diligently gives out hugs when he feels someone is having a bad day. Jahmir has a strong emotional IQ and does not hide the empathy that he carries. Jahmir’s big heart reaches well beyond the classroom too, as he truly is a student that wants to make sure that everyone is doing well and enjoys their time at West! Jahmir can be seen regularly encouraging his fellow peers and Promise Corps staff throughout the day, and we are sure that his future is as bright as his personality!

-West Philadelphia Promise Corps Team

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