The Start of the New Summer WorkReady!

This week, we launched our Summer WorkReady program! WorkReady is a 6-week summer job for 12-24-year-olds in Philadelphia. For many young people, summer jobs are a critical first introduction to the world of work. This summer, due to COVID-19, WorkReady took a shift to the virtual space. Our participants have the opportunity to complete digital activities in Career Exposure, Financial Literacy and Brand Identity for incentive pay. Slightly different from the usual experience for Summer WorkReady, our young people are learning how to work in a virtual space via various platforms including Zoom.

This summer, we have 40 youth enrolled in our program, ranging from ages 12-18-years old.  For our high school aged students (14-18), they will experience additional activities/workshops like Creating SMART Career Goals, a conversation on Loans and Debt from our banking partners, an entrepreneurship panel with 3 local entrepreneurs and a public speaking session from an advertising specialist!

Lastly, every Friday, our youth will participate in weekly interactive meetings, where they will learn skills in the kitchen, in gardening and other fun activities like folding a fitted sheet!

Each week, we will recap what our youth have been learning and the activities they completed! This week was our introduction week! Our youth have been getting used to the digital platform, Naviance and completed digital Career Exposure and Brand Identity Activities. Keep a lookout each week to see what our youth have been up to!! We are #ALLin4WorkReady!!

Kaila Barnes-Shannon – Career Pathways Student Coordinator

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