Career Pathways Week!

This week in Summer WorkReady was our Career Pathways week! All of our activities were dedicated to Career Goals and discovering different Career Paths! Our participants completed digital activities in making career goals, learning how to become career ready and watched informational interviews from various experts in different career fields!

Our internship participants (ages 12-13 years old) also completed a digital activity called “Non-traditional Career Paths,” where they learned more about careers that are considered non-traditional for men and women!

Our work experience participants (ages 14-18) had a virtual workshop in Career Goals. During this workshop, we went in depth about SMART Goals. We also had 2 guest speakers, Sharon Clinton and E. Darnell Ryans, from the Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity. They shared their experience in creating career goals as well as shared some of the paths that they embarked upon. Some of the key points that Darnell shared were that you need passion, persistence and people when thinking about your future career. Sharon shared that you shouldn’t have Plan Bs. If Plan A doesn’t work at first, change it but stick with your Plan A; go back to your first thought, desire or dream!

This Friday for our interactive meetings, our participants will be making “Breakfast in a Cup,” using ingredients like bread, eggs, blueberries and chocolate chips. They will also be starting their urban garden by learning about the germination process and beginning the process with some of their seeds that we have provided for them. Lastly, we will practice folding a fitted sheet! Look out for pictures of the end results!! This was Week 2 of WorkReady! #Allin4WorkReady #CareerGoals #Inspired

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