Financial and Digital Literacy!

We are in our last week of Summer WorkReady 2020! Last week, our youth completed a variety of activities in Financial and Digital Literacy activities.

Our internship participants completed activities in Digital Literacy. In these activities, they learned tips for staying safe online, composing professional emails and they learned how to perform informational interviews. In the technological age that we are in, it is very important that our youth understand the importance of staying safe online and building a positive digital footprint!

Our work experience participants completed the remainder of activities in Financial Literacy. Last week, they completed activities in creating a budget, learning how to track their spending and apps they can use to track their spending. Our work experience participants also participated in Part 2 of our Loans Workshop. We had guest speakers from Santander Bank inform our participants about loans, credit reports and credit scores. Our speakers from Santander went in-depth and taught our participants about reading their credit reports. They gave a wealth of knowledge to help prepare our participants to secure their financial future!

Friday was our last interactive weekly meeting-Adulting 101. Our participants will make a mug cake as a celebration! They also learned new plant maintenance techniques and participate in a creativity prompt where they created a photo, poem or song that explains what a community looks like to them! We have had some amazing moments this summer and we are very excited to celebrate next week! Look out for more pictures of our plants from this week!

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