Spotlight on Z!

Promise Corps 2020-2021 has some of the dopest people. Of course, behind every group of amazing individuals has to be more amazing individuals. Our manager, Zoraida, is one of the many people who have been creating a safe space for us to grow as professionals. In fact, we spent 9 days completely getting to learn from her. It might be fair to say that Zoraida played a big role in how comfortable we are as coaches today.  

Our group of coaches had much to say about “Z”, here are the highlights: 

“Zoraida has been consistent in her positivity and inclusivity towards all of us new PromiseCorps members. During these rapidly changing and ever-turbulent times, she has made constant efforts to: check in with us emotionally, create safe spaces for discussing current events, and make herself personally available during “Z time” every week.”

“Not only has she been a steady foundation as well as an invaluable source of advice for us coaches, but Zoraida also brightens our days with her energy. She has done this since our orientation and I could not imagine PromiseCorps without her!”

“I love that Z emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space for us. She makes sure everyone’s voices are heard and thanks each individual for their input which is a quality I think we all appreciate. She is always trying to make things fun!”

“Z cares about us as more than just employees and cares about our well-being whether that be with a check-in or helping us with self care. I also appreciate that she does her best to make herself available when we need to despite her busy schedule.”

“I appreciate the way Z makes space for all perspectives to be shared and valued. She really understands being able to have two truths in one space. Z makes everything/everyone welcome when we are in any setting together and I appreciate everyone being heard!”

If it isn’t clear by now, the intention of this blog is to do a spotlight on our awesome manager Z! Since day one, Zoraida’s energy has been consistent and keeps us energized. Your work ethic is inspiring!! 

Z, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. All of the coaches here at Promise Corps appreciate your relentless effort in helping each and every one of us. 

Ke’Ana Robinson- College and Career Coach at Sayre High School

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