Students at West Finish the First Marking Period, Set Sights on Further Success

The West Philadelphia High School Team wanted to shine a spotlight on all of the West students in this week’s blog post. As the first marking period comes to a close, students are working very hard to get all of their remaining assignments completed by the deadline! The West Philadelphia High School College and Career Coaches have been working with students the past few weeks on tutoring and assignment completion.

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Some students were struggling with specific subject areas. Ali Zubair, a 10th Grade Student at West, said: “The coaches have been a great support for my tough history project.” The ability to have extra help outside of the classroom was clutch for Ali, as he later reported doing very well on the assignment.

Other students were very excited by the opportunity to work with Promise Corps Coaches outside of the classroom setting. Jasmine White-West, a 10th grader at West Philadelphia High School, said: “the extra support on these assignments at the end of the marking period helps me stay calm about my schoolwork.” Jasmine also said that she couldn’t wait till the marking period was over so that she could use the extra time with Coaches to focus more on her Promise Corps goals for the year.

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The Promise Corps Coaches are always eager to talk with students about their college, career, and life goals. Achieving strong grades each and every marking period at school is crucial to that goal! The West Philadelphia High School Coaches want to give a big shout out to all of the students for soaring to success in the first marking period. Go West!

-Harry Levant

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