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Over the past week, there have been several virtual college fairs made available to students with an interest in attending college after graduation. During the fairs, representatives from universities and colleges throughout the country gave a rundown on their institutions. All conducted in a virtual setting that provided presentations and allotted time for questions at the end. 

At the NACAC virtual fair, schools like Kutztown University, Drexel University, and Duquesne University hosted informational sessions for the prospective students, their families, and educators. There was a great turn out of 40-50 students for each informational session. At the end of the informational sessions, time was allotted for questions and answers. During the Q&A, the attendees were able to better understand what these universities have to offer, and the university representatives were able to delve into even more specific information about their school.

NACAC National College Fairs- Register for Virtual College Fairs

Kristopher Bartow, a PC Coach at OHS, attended the NACAC Virtual Fair and shared a few words about his experience, “Overall it was a very informative experience. This event is something I wish I could have attended back in high school. This was a great way to get a lot of information from a lot of different schools.”

In addition to the NACAC virtual fair, there was an HBCU virtual fair as well. The event was very well organized which allowed for easy understanding for the participants. There were even virtual booths for each university for easy access. In addition to the booths held, a panel with alumni from different HBCUs spoke on their experience attending an HBCU. The panelists provided great insight into the cultural aspects of an HBCU and how it allowed them to embrace their culture even more. 

Virtual College Fair

Bryana Pinos-Grada, a PC Coach at OHS, attended the HBCU virtual fair and had a great experience. She highlighted a particular discussion centered around why the panelists chose an HBCU, which stood out to her. Listening to the responses from the panelists, she commented, “Although this was a very simple question, their responses were so packed with information and passion”. Attending the panel discussion allowed Bryana to reflect on her own college experience, where she attended a school with a small percentage of minorities. It showed her the importance of feeling like you are part of a community with similar cultures and experiences.

These virtual college fairs have been a great way to expose students, families, and educators to different universities from the comfort of their own homes. In this new majority virtual world, we’re living in due to COVID-19, it’s great to have these types of resources offered to students and their families.

  • Arianna Coleman, College and Career Coach at Overbrook High School

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