A Day in the Life at Future (During a Pandemic)

As we all know, COVID-19 has changed our daily lives for most of 2020. One of these changes for many Americans is virtual learning. This new world of virtual learning has resulted in us re-inventing how we educate our students and in turn, has adjusted how Promise Corps assists our scholars. Here is sneak peak into a typical virtual day for your Promise Corps team at School of the Future 

8:00AM – The virtual day at Future usually starts off with either a team check in or some individual prep time. Due to the sometimes confusing nature of virtual school, the coaches often use this time to get themselves and their schedule in line for the day. It’s very common for a meeting with school staff to pop up the day of, so giving ourselves time to prepare for these things is crucial! 

8:30AM – 11:07AM – During this time your Future coaches are attending their respective seminar classes! During these classes Promise Corps assists teachers in their lessons, leads presentations on college and career readiness, and provides support in any way we can. Ms. Olivia and Ms. Kaitlin work with our 10th and some of our 11th grade students on resumes, goal-setting, and job skills, to name  a few . Ms. Sierra, Ms. Emma, and Ms. Abbey work with our 12th and the rest of our 11th grade students. In those classes they’ve worked on financial aid, college applications, career exposure, and much more! 

11:30 – Most days, this is the coaches lunch period. It’s when we get a chance to regroup and relax between our busy days!

12:00PM – 2:00PM – After lunch our schedule really changes day to day. Some of us attend our remaining seminar classes, while others use this time as prep time for the rest of the week. This is also sometimes used as a time to catch up on timesheets and data tracking

2:00PM – 3:30PM– I would argue that, virtually, this is our favorite part of the day. During this time Promise Corps holds office hours which is a time where Promise Corps students, or Future students in general, can drop by and get help on whatever they need to work on. Normally office hours always start with a drop in from some of our regulars and ends the same way! This is a great time for us to build relationships with our students and accomplish a lot!

Overall, everyday virtually is different. We don’t have a classroom where students can just pop in whenever, so we have and continue to do everything possible to help our students the best we can despite these virtual barriers! 

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