Scholarship Workshop at School of the Future

     It’s about that time for seniors in high school to start getting their college acceptances! With the excitement of solidifying the next steps and getting ready for postsecondary success comes the logistics of going to college: money. While most seniors have filled out FAFSA and PHEAA, some students may be experiencing some anxiety around still being able to afford tuition, housing, and transportation. This is where scholarships come in!

     Even though the workshop was during lunch and held for the full duration of the period, there was a great student turnout in the end. The coaches at Future considered the event a success, with Ms. Olivia adding, “[our] students were actively engaging and excited about planning for their postsecondary careers.” From the student perspective, they got formal information in an informal workshop. One senior who attended said, “I’m glad I decided to join the workshop because I didn’t even know where to start with scholarships, there’s just so many and it really helped.” 

     The cost of college is on a lot of seniors’ minds as acceptances start to roll in. Students are making their decisions for their future, and in considering the cost of school, they are looking at multiple sources to help fund their education. Scholarships are the best kind of money (because it’s free money!) and there are plenty out there waiting to be found and applied for! 

Sierra Serna, College & Career Coach at School of the Future

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