3rd Marking Period Finish Line

Students are gearing up to complete their grades for the third marking period across the School District of Philadelphia. Thanks to special support from Promise Corps Coaches and the magnificent teachers at West, students are feeling more motivated than ever to get these assignments done and finish the school year on a high note. “It’s been a tough year for everyone, but I think that the Promise Corps Coaches in my class sections have really helped me to stay on track,” said Melvin Rigney from West. A tough year might even be an understatement considering the challenges that an all Zoom, all online school year has brought. Yet students like Melvin and teachers like Mr. Wynne at West remains motivated and eager to finish this school year strong. “There are times when it seems like the Zoom school year has students beat. But with of the help in the classroom, students find a way to persevere,” said Mr. Wynne, a teacher at West. This sentiment is something I have seen throughout the school year. When we all work together, teachers, support programs, and students, there is still a way to connect and get things done, even with the digital barrier.

College and Career Coach, Harry Levant

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