Spring Break!

With the Philadelphia weather finally turning nice and the third marking period drawing to a close, the School of the Future team is looking forward to a spring break that will be balanced between relaxation and some career planning of our own. As part of our professional development, Zoraida asked all coaches to submit a proposal outlining the steps we are going to take to prepare for our post-Promise Corps plans. Though we will all be sad to say good-bye to our year of service, Future team is also excited for the next steps in our careers. 

Both Sierra and Emma said they are going to take advantage of spring break to focus on job searching. Sierra, who has a background in anthropology and museum studies said that she will “basically be scouring LinkedIn and Indeed for any jobs and applying to them. Additionally, coming up with a potential educational program to implement in a museum space to practice my program development skills!”  

Promise Corps is also providing ample support to the coaches as they plan and prepare for the next steps ahead. Emma said Jerome has been a great resource for her to lean on as she searches for future opportunities, as he has even agreed to meet with her one-on-one to answer questions and assist in any capacity he can. As for where she sees herself after Promise Corps, Emma said she is looking into college counseling, admissions, and academic advisor positions.  

Both Olivia and I have also been in the process of applying and interviewing for different positions in the education field as well, with the goal of using spring break to brush up on out interview skills.  

However, spring break is not going to be all professional development! After working hard with our students, each of us are also looking forward to having some time for much-needed self care. For myself and Emma, this means getting our second doses of the COVID vaccine, marking a positive step towards being able to all see each other in person again! Sierra also has family coming to visit, and she is excited to show them around Philadelphia. The School of the Future team wishes the rest of the Promise Corps teams, Promise Corps staff, and our students a very happy and sunshine-filled spring break!  

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