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We asked current CCAs, and here’s what they believe are the biggest benefits of serving as a CCA:

  • LOTS of time with students!
  • Experience supporting the college application/FAFSA process
  • Access to school counselors
  • Ability to support teachers in the classroom
  • Get firsthand experience in how a school works, and access to all of the people inside
  • Get connected to other AmeriCorps volunteers and partner organizations
  • Professional development catered to what YOUR cohort needs
  • The Promise Corps culture
  • It’s rewarding to work directly with students and being able to see the result
  • Lots of opportunities to support students with resume writing and interview preparation
  • Tutoring experience
  • The chance to improve presentation, communication, and event planning skills
  • Lots of room to build on your specialized skills (one CCA helped build the school website!)

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