Leadership Team

             April Moye, M.S.                                       

Promise Corps Site Supervisor 

April was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, spending her childhood in Germantown and Northeast.  April spent a lot of time in church, there she developed a love for music and learned music was a space she could be herself and explore creativity.  Growing up, music became a positive outlet for April to express herself and it afforded her opportunities to participate in musical programs, productions, and to travel. April used her musical talents well into undergraduate college. When she wasn’t studying, you could find her singing and entertaining others with her multiple talents.

April attended Cheyney University and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Relations. April began her career in social services working with offenders and realized she had a passion for working with the youth. She then worked across several settings in the field such as truancy, foster care and adoptions. April decided to pursue a master’s degree to advance her career in leading and creating youth programs. April earned her Master’s Degree in Organization Development and Leadership at St. Joseph’s University. April then gained a role in the school system in which she taught 8th grade. April’s passion to help the youth has always been and April plans to continue to make the impact on those she comes in contact with.

Shortly after April decided to take her experience, passion for music and children and started her own mentor program and released a single on all major platforms. April intends to make her mentor program a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that at risk young girls learn to own and know their self worth by exploring how to  gain critical skills through art therapy, meditation, and forums.

April loves her dog Pierre and spends most of her time with him by going for long walks, car rides, shopping, and getting “pupaccino’s” at Starbucks. April enjoys time with her family, friends, and with herself. April loves performing as a solo artist, shopping, concerts, art shows, and traveling.

K Akinbule photo

Kene Akinbule                                                                                                                         

Youth Strategies Academic and Partnerships Manager

Kene Akinbule is a Philadelphia based program director and development specialist who focuses on youth programs that engage young people in the development of skills and abilities that build their core competencies. He is passionate about technology and increasing STEAM career opportunities for underrepresented groups in science, creating partnerships with community youth-serving technology agencies, businesses and civic organizations. He has been a key figure in the installation of programs that address gaps in the city’s K-12 education structure and coordinated city technology access centers during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020, allowing school to continue for many North Philadelphia families. When he is not building communities he enjoys pickup basketball, kickball, city walks, grilling, biking, basically anything that involves being outside.