What is the Promise Corps Program?

There are 3 facets to the Promise Corps Program. Members present 5 postsecondary workshops to students, meet with them 12 or more times throughout the school year, and complete an individualized student success plan with their students.

One-On-One Meetings

Members meet with students one-on-one to discuss their postsecondary goals and how they’ll reach them. This happens in the classroom, the Promise Corps room, the library, the cafeteria – wherever students feel most comfortable talking about these important goals.

Individualized Student Success Plan

The ISSP serves as the initial connection between students and their CCCs. It is regularly updated throughout a student’s high school experience. ISSP’s are grade level specific and help guide students towards their desired post-secondary plan.

Postsecondary Workshops

Students must attend 3 of 5 postsecondary workshops provided by CCAs. Workshops are 30 minute sessions either 1:1 or in groups focused on one of the following topics:
1. College Access
2. Jobs & Internships
3. Local Workforce
4. Military Service
5. National Service

Promise Corps

is a proud AmeriCorps organization, contributing to the mission to get things done.

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The mission of Promise Corps is to contribute to high quality schools by holding rigorous expectations of students, serving as college-going role models, and collaborating powerfully with teachers, parents, and the wider community.


The Promise Corps program offers the first partnership in the nation between two Promise Zones to join together in services for youth in high poverty communities. These Zones, in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, are two of only three urban areas selected in the first round of the Promise Zone signature Obama Administration initiative in 2014. The project will target key goals of the White House My Brother’s Keeper Initiative with a focus to ensure that boys and young men of color graduate from high school ready for college and career, and work their way into the middle class. Bolstered by public-private partnerships led by the Mayors of Los Angeles and Philadelphia, this AmeriCorps program will train and place College and Career Coaches (CCCs) with the highest need students at Promise Zone high schools to prepare them for post-secondary opportunities. In Philadelphia Promise Corps is currently hosted at West Philadelphia High School, High School of the Future, Overbrook High School and Sayre High School with the potential for additional sites in the upcoming school year.

Member Benefits


This position is part of the AmeriCorps service program. As an AmeriCorps member, you will serve your community through YPI’s Promise Corps and receive a modest, living allowance of at least $12,000 for serving a full term of service, ($598.00 bi-weekly) as well as health benefits and personal days. Childcare assistance is available through AmeriCorps for those who qualify. Members may be eligible for student loan forebearance on federal student loans.

Additionally, at the successful completion of your service term, AmeriCorps Members are eligible for an education award of approximately $6,095.00 to be used for college, trade school, or other educational expenses, including qualified federal loans. For more information, please visit www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps.



Completing a year of service is a huge commitment people make for various reasons. We devote professional development time to help you explore this through highlighted by our civic reflection series, and sessions on other topics such as self-care.


We provide professional development sessions AT LEAST once a month for all members. During the first half of the year, professional development sessions focus on supporting students, with topics such as SAT math, de-escalation, and more. During the second of the year, we switch the focus to career readiness for members. Sessions include putting AmeriCorps experience on your resume, cover letters, mock interviewing, and more.


Members are provided monthly SEPTA TransPass valid for rides on ALL bus, trolley, subway or Norristown High Speed Line trips, a biweekly living stipend, and a Segal Education Award of $5,920.00 upon completion of service.