CCA Spotlight from Overbrook High School

This week we want to introduce corps member Rodney, one of our CCAs at Overbrook High School!

Rodney is from West Philadelphia and attended West Philadelphia High School. While in high school, Rodney enjoyed his History and English classes. Additionally, Rodney participated in the school’s cross country and track team. Rodney then moved on to Pennsylvania State University to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice; however, this was not his initial degree decision. Rodney took classes as a Psychology and Pre-Law major before taking interest in Criminal Justice. Besides focusing on his academics, Rodney decided to get involved on campus. He wanted to get involved because his campus was lacking diversity and inclusion, and his goal was to bring awareness to the issues students of color were facing. Rodney participated in the Black Student Union. This was one of the only clubs on campus that sparked his interest.


Rodney, Overbrook High



Rodney made the decision to serve with Promise Corps this year because he wants to give back to his community to show them that anything is possible! So far this year, Rodney has been working on forming positive relationships with each of his students and the school staff in the building. Rodney has very high expectations for each of his students. Rodney would like all of his students to have a plan after high school. He would like those of his students who plan on going to college to learn about independence and the importance of asking for help when they need it, as he knows from experience that nobody will hold their hand once they leave Overbrook!

Rodney enjoys serving with Promise Corps because he can give back to the West Philly community and can show the students that no matter where they are from, anything is possible. Rodney’s favorite part about being a CCA is meeting and working with the students. He says he enjoys each student he is working with; they are all unique in their own way, and they make him laugh.

After this year, Rodney would like to enroll in a Masters of Social Work Program. He is looking at several universities, such as California State University at Long Beach, University of Denver, and Long Island University-Brooklyn. Rodney hopes to become a clinical social worker to work with those who suffer from mental health issues.

When he is not busy with Promise Corps, Rodney enjoys reading, exercising, meditating and cooking. His favorite thing to cook is veggie fried rice. When asked why, he explained, “That’s my go to meal to impress anyone.”

We believe that Rodney is an exceptional CCA and we are very lucky to have him on our team this year!

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