OHS Team Spotlight

The Overbrook Team has been working hard to complete modules with our students! On Wednesday, January 16th and Thursday, January 17th, CCA’s Rodney, Jessie and Aliyah spent the morning preparing breakfast for our students to enjoy during the module presentations. Students were welcomed to the Promise Corps room with pancakes, toppings, and orange juice and then attended our National Service and Jobs & Internships Modules.


Students were educated on numerous National Service opportunities through our Module.  AmeriCorps opportunities such as City Year, Digital Service Fellows, Power ohs team 1Corps, and, of course, Promise Corps were included in the module. We also highlighted the unique opportunities National Service has to offer, such as relocating to a completely new city, receiving an education award to help pay for school, and engaging in professional development to support a member’s future career. Students were excited to learn about the many ways they could give back to their community.


After the National Service Module concluded, the OHS team moved right into the Jobs & Internships Module, beginning with an Ice Breaker discussion; students were asked, ”Who already has a part-time job, and how did you get this job?” After the Ice Breaker, we discussed with students the necessary steps to take when applying for a job, how to build a resume & write a coverohs team 2 letter, what to do before, during and after an interview, and how to properly dress for an interview. Additionally, students were provided with resources to find jobs and internships in the Philadelphia area.


The OHS team has had a lot of fun cooking breakfast and presenting modules for our students to enjoy. Besides modules, the OHS team has been working diligently, planning several up-coming college trips for our students. We plan on collaborating with School of the Future for a trip to Del-State on January 29th.














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