Farewell Coaches…. Again?

I am sure many of you are confused to why we are saying farewell to our coaches again. Well, as most of our coaches ended their service on June 5th we had two coaches that end their service today July 3rd. Why? Well Alexis and Roland began their service a few weeks later than the rest of the coaches so their term ends today! Here is the best part of this whole situation, Alexis and Roland both decided to finish their term of service. They were both given the choice to end on June 5th with the rest of their teammates and still earn their whole education award or stay until July 3rd. Both Alexis and Roland made the decision to finish their term to their last day!

In their last month of service Alexis and Roland were great help to Promise Corps! They supported in recruitment of coaches for next year by being in on virtual open houses ready to answer questions and updating university contact lists. Alexis and Roland also supported us in our Work Ready recruitment of students and their enrollment process. They both also provided excellent feedback to the orientation process that will definitely be taken into consideration this summer! Lastly, both coaches were trained in contact tracing for Covid-19, although they were unable to put it into practice it was a great learning opportunity for them.

In just one short month Alexis and Roland were able to provide Promise Corps great supports to get a jump start into summer work. After today Roland will be preparing for law school that starts in the fall and Alexis will be continuing her search for graduate programs!

Thank you both! – Leadership Team

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