Already Half Way Through?!

We have finisihed Week 3 of Summer WorkReady and we are halfway through our program!! Last week focused on Financial Literacy! Our youth completed digital activities in understanding education costs vs. job salaries and learning about debt.

Our internship participants (ages 12-13) also completed activities in understanding credit cards, pay checks and bank accounts.

Our work experience participants (14-18) participated in part 1 of an interactive workshop on loans, where they received basic information on loans. Did you know that there 4 parts of every loan? Our youth can tell you what they are thanks to representatives from Santander Bank. During the workshop, we asked youth “What would they like to buy in 5 years.” Youth answers ranged from laptops and gaming setups, to cars, apartments and homes! Our youth will participate in part 2 of the workshop in coming weeks, where they will learn more about loans including student, car and home loans!

MMMMMH Yummy Mac & Cheese!

Last Friday, for our interactive life skills meeting, we are making Mac and Cheese using the microwave and a mug (a great meal idea for our students going to college and living in dorms)! Students will also transfer their germinated seeds from last Friday to dirt. Shoutout to Promise Corps Site Coordinator Tameka Williams for teaching us how to start our urban garden! Lastly, our Promise Corps Manager, Zoraida Cordero will lead our youth through mindfulness exercises. With all that our youth have been dealing with, including the transition from in-person to virtual learning and practicing social distancing from friends and staff members that they trust, we think that it’s important to teach our youth exercises where they can center themselves in the midst of transition and changes. Look out for updates about today’s life skills meeting! #Allin4WorkReady #FinancialLiteracy #Loans #Debt #Credit #LifeSkills #Adulting101

Learning to start a mini garden!

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